Social media marketing

Social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram), content writing and translation services for Go2Armenia corporate and business tourism company

Travel blogs

Travel blogs in Armenian, English and Russian for the website of Tufenkian Heritage Hotels. For samples, please, click here

Online Research and SMM

Our English copywriter’s research on “Corporate Use of Social Media by Fortune 500 Companies.” We also conduct research for our corporate clients. Check it out here.

SaaS Corporate Blogs

Miss Amatuni continuously caters to the IT sector by creating engaging and SEO-taylored content for corporate blogs. One of her clients is Incredo Inbound Marketing Agency, which outsources to her for high quality content. You can request sample articles here.

Feature on Yerevan for Qatar Airways’ Oryx Inflight Magazines

Being commissioned by Agency Fish to write a feature to represent capital Yerevan to Qatar Airways’ passengers was a source of great pride and responsibility for Amatuni Copywriting Founder and CEO Miss Amatuni. The feature was accepted and now tells the story of this old capital to potential tourists to Armenia. Read it here.

SelfTravelGuide Blog Armenian travel magazine is one of our new projects. Amatuni Copywriting unveils the treasures of the capital Yerevan for the visitors of the country. Check out SelfTravelGuide Blog

Ayas Tour Travel Blog

Amatuni Copywriting Founder and CEO Sirvard has been in the business of creating high quality content for over 10 years. One of the projects was Ayas Tour Travel Agency’s travel blog on Armenia. You can check our her work here.

Wild Armenia Tourism Blog

Wild Armenia is a leading adventure tourism operator in Armenia. The company entrusted “Wild Armenia Blog” to Amatuni Copywriting following long-term cooperation that connected the two through Ayas Tour. Check out WildArmenia Blog