Social media marketing

Social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram), content writing and translation services for Go2Armenia corporate and business tourism company

Travel blogs

Travel blogs in Armenian, English and Russian for the website of Tufenkian Heritage Hotels. For samples, please, click here


  • Brochures, booklets, flyers
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • PR Articles
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Investor Pitches
  • Company Profiles
  • Newsletters

It’s not the words we work with, but ideas. We take your vision, ground it with thorough research, test it with expert feedback, and spice it up with our creativity and industry know-how. We work closely with our clients until the best custom strategy is devised to present your exclusive product to the world.

Planning, outline and strategic implementation of any type of marketing and PR collateral, from brochures and booklets to investor pitches and project presentations. We are here to help you win your cause.



Web/Mobile Content Writing

  • Website Mapping/Content
  • Mobile App Content
  • Corporate Blogs
  • SMM
  • Online Directories

With over 80% of customers searching the company or the product online before shopping, it is vital for your company’s vision to be correctly represented online. With proper website content, Social Media presence, entertaining and informative blog posts demonstrating your expertise in the industry, your potential customers will not get lost along the way to your product. We will help you convert them from a lead to a sale and further on to your brand’s loyal evangelists.



  • English, Armenian, Russian
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

We speak in notions, not in words. Speaking English is not all it takes to converse with an Englishman, nor does speaking French to a Frenchman. Our experts, who have years of experience in the field, will translate your ideas into concepts familiar and understandable to the target audience with the use of the specific language at hand.

Editing, proofreading and content monitoring services by Amatuni Copywriting in their turn will help you better evaluate content performance and adjust your online presence strategies for better results.